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6061 Billet Aluminum shoe (Trigger Bar NOT Included. Bare Shoe ONLY)
Smooth, symmetrical shoe with large radiused edges
In-gun adjustability! No need to remove to adjust pre and over travel
2 piece design allow easy trigger bar swap
Finer adjustments compared to our competition
Precision machined
Over sized safety spring allows more comfort to the shooters finger
Safety lever is flush to the shoe for more comfort
No press out pins like our competition
One screw assembly
Tighter tolerances to lessen wobble between shoe and trigger bar
Built on brand new, state of the art CNC machinery
9/40 versions are intended for Gen3&4

Pre-travel and over-travel screws are included but not installed.
Depending on your connector, you may not need the over-travel screw.
Depending on your model and other internals you may not need the pre-travel screw.

Warning! Certain combinations of parts and adjustments of the trigger can result in VERY light trigger pulls. If you are unprepared, unsafe conditions may arise. Proper adjustment is critical to safe operation. 

Product information from Lone Wolf Distributors